To me, a shower is where one finds total tranquility. Time away from technology, to-do lists, you name it! Whether it’s a quick shower on-the-go or a nice relaxing one, keep your shower equipped the right kind of way…for him and her. That’s right, unisexxxy!

Here are my top 3 unisex body cleansers, that suit him and her, for all skin types.

Simply PERF! And here’s why…

GOA Detox Body Cleanser

Detoxify your body with this rich, all-natural body cleanser from GOA Cosmetics. Honey mixed with a combination of other organic extracts ranging from witch hazel and lemon to potassium sorbet and passion flower. They work together on your skin’s impurities to give a deep, thorough cleanse and leave your skin feeling smooth, supple and moisturized!

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.

Sold in most pharmacies or drug stores, and beloved by top dermatologists, Cetaphil cleansers are recommended for their ultra-gentle, but effective cleanse. The cleansers are fragrance-free and forumlated to remove dirt and oil from the skin without over-drying or irritating.

Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap.

Lather up a tingle with this all-natural cleanser, primarily comprised of African mint and shea butter oils. Purify the body naturally and leave your skin feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Whether you shower solo, share the fun with someone, or have a guest sleeping over…you’ve covered all bases!

THE UNISEXXX® BRAND: a label stripped of all labels

UNISEXXXY: universal beauty fashion design lifestyle




  1. Denise Del Russo

    OMG! I just saw this African Black Soap and was wondering what it was! I need to try now!! 

  2. Lauren Cosenza

    Paul, can you get this African Black Soap in the city?? Who sells it? XOLC


    Yes, Denise it’s really great! I’ll be curious to hear after you try it out. 

    It’s sold at Whole Foods LC. Here is a direct link for locations: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/list