With Valentine’s Day around the corner, what a perfect time to offer a few unisexxxy ideas on what you can surprise that special someone with this year.

Introducing this year’s top 10 UNISEXXX-approved Valentine’s Day gift giving ideas.

1. Love is Art $60
Bring your intimacy to a new level. Take off the clothes, tear open the paint, roll around and splash your love onto canvas. You’re left with a fun, unique and sexy memory…and an abstract painting to add to your decor!
2. Personalized Jewelry
Pick up a personalized piece that includes a special phrase or quote or date. Choose something meaningful and, no matter the cost, make it irreplaceable in terms of sentimental value.
3. Snapfish Photobook – $12-$60
A photobook to reflect on the times of love, laughter and happiess is just a reminder of why you are sharing this moment with your valentine. Pick the photos that highlight your companionship…and yes I do suggest the candids and private ones.
4. Build-A-Bear $35 – $65

Pick his/her favorite animal and personalize it with the accessories to match! Best of all, finish it off with a personalized voice recording. Oh and make that recording not only special, but also so ridiculous it NEVER gets old!

5. Ipod Shuffle $49

Choose his/her favorite color and preload the memory with songs that represent special moments in your relationship.

6. Slated Print $30 – $35

Step away from the cliché. Pictures are always a win, but rather than frame one, print it on metal or slate. Going vintage without an Instagram or Twitter filter is totally chic!

7. Bath Indulgences
Soak up the sexiness. Pick up luxurious bubble bath at Bath & Body Works. Add a set of pillar candles in the corner of the bathroom and accent the bath with some floating candles, sprinkled rose petals, and a bottle of wine or champagne chilled and waiting for your company.
8. Locket

The traditional locket reminds me of good old-fashioned romance. Carrying around a short personal message paired with a picture of your loved one couldn’t get any more special. It’s a keepsake anyone will love, offered in a variety of styles.

9. Blue Apron, $20-$40
Order a meal for you and yours to prepare and enjoy in the comfort of your home. To be delivered with the freshest ingredients measured out for you. All you have to do is follow the simple gourmet recipe! And of course, have some kitchen fun…
Remember, no matter what you do… love and happiness cannot be bought. So my final suggestion is to save money on a card written by professionals sold to millions of other people…and create a handmade original for your Valentine with a message from your heart. Creativity and thoughtfulness are more valuable and show the true depth of who you are and what your special someone really means to you…not just on Valentine’s Day, but all year through!

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