UNISEXXXY: 2014 Resolutions

UNISEXXXY: 2014 Resolutions

January 2014! The first month of a new year… What better time to introduce the Top 10 unisex New Year’s resolutions?

Here goes…

1. Establish Life Goals

To create a life full of accomplishments, seek to identify short and long term goals.  Since the definition of “success” is personal, it’s necessary to determine things that are most important to you. 

2. Prioritize Health & Fitness

Get in shape. Eat right. Schedule yearly health checkups. Be more conscious to make (obvious and not-so-obvious) decisions that benefit your health. 

3. Get Those Finances in Order

Take your budget and adjust it for the upcoming year. Monitor credit card use. Cut back on expenses. Invest wisely.

4. Pursue a Dream or Cross off a Bucket List Item

Pursuit of a dream brings you closer to your purpose. Crossing off a bucket list item brings upon a sense of pride and achievement. NEVER say never!

5. Make Time for Loved Ones

Being around those who always have your best interests, support your endeavors and love you unconditionally should be prioritized. These are the people I suggest affording time in your busy schedule. 

6. Shake Things Up

Challenge yourself to a new sport or workout. Try a class like painting or dance! How about taking up cooking. Whatever it is, just make sure it’s something different. Unlock your hidden passions and talents.

7. Carve Out Me Time 

Every so often take some time to do something just for you!  Take a bath. Read a book. Go for a walk. Draw. Write. 

8. Conduct Social Media Interventions… For Yourself

Part 1: Take social media breaks. For your sanity. Part 2: Exercise better judgment on what you choose to share on social media. For your reputation, public image, potential career opportunities, future love interests, and so on. 

9. Expand Your Love 

Redefine love to include not only others, but also the environment and animals. It is our duty to maintain the world we live in. Everyone can help and it all makes a difference. 


Confidence never goes out of style. Celebrate your individuality. Be creative. Express yourSELF! You may just find the more you allow and embrace being you, the kinder you’ll also be towards others. 

Cheers to a FABULOUS year!

And to those bold enough to take on all ten unisexxxy resolutions, I tip my hat to you!

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