UNISEXXXY: Let’s Talk Brows

UNISEXXXY: Let’s Talk Brows

It’s an essential in life. Grooming. 

Taking care of yourself speaks volumes. To many, in fact, I’d say they subconsciously consider hygiene to be a person’s first impression. 

Let’s face it. There are certain unwritten societal rules.

Judging a person’s hygiene is game for gossip and dismissal, especially if unkept.

Eyes are a powerful tool. You can mesmerize just with a simple glance. 

Fantaseyez. Own them. And beautiful eyes (we all have a unique and beautiful pair), deserve to be fabulously framed. 

Introducing your brows. Let’s look at the journey mine go through every 2-3 weeks.

Step 1. Accepting the fact that my natural state, caterpillar brows, is not cute. Regrowth is getting to the point I should address. 

Step 2. Attacking the situation. My September discovery. European Wax Center. The wax doesn’t burn. Irritation is at a minimal. After my second visit ($18 individual session), I bought a package deal making each session just about $13!

Step 3. Bringing back the brow. Too perfect looses the natural essence and beauty of the brow. So now that it’s all cleaned up, pair a professionally-groomed brow with a bold filler. Maybelline Brow Drama ($7.99) Available in Blonde, Soft Brown, and Deep Brown. 


Restore IT. ($20). This serum promotes hair regeneration at pre-existing hair follicles. My recommended remedy for anyone who has had an asymmetrical wax or has gone tweezer-crazy.

And so…

Ladies, Gentlemen – no more excuses. Give good brow. 

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