REVIEW: Cricket’s Ultra Smooth Professional Hair Dryer Infused With Argan Oil & Keratin Protein

REVIEW: Cricket’s Ultra Smooth Professional Hair Dryer Infused With Argan Oil & Keratin Protein

As much as I love makeup, my hair has always come first. I would rather leave the house without my war paint than have my hair looking like a hot mess. I’ve always said that if there’s one thing every girl should know how to do, it’s how to blow out your own hair! So when LDiva asked if I wanted to try out Cricket’s newest dryer infused with argan oil and keratin protein, I couldn’t say no!

The brand shipped one right over.

My usual routine when I blowdry or use any kind of heat on my hair is always to put on heat protectant. I’m super careful about using heat on my hair because I hate feeling my hair drying out. I use a combination of L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil Protectant cream and the TreSemme heat protectant spray which I’ve been using for as long as I can remember. During my first test run with the dryer, I totally forgot that it was infused with argan oil and keratin protein and ran through my usual routine with both the heat protectant cream and spray. The first thing I noticed was my hair being noticeably shinier and softer. I kept it simple with a straight blow-out and the style kept for a few days until the next time I washed my hair.

For my second time using Cricket’s infused dryer, I decided to ditch the L’Oreal Mythic Oil cream and spray my TreSemme heat protectant freely over my hair to really see what the dryer could do. To my surprise (and delight), my hair was still shiny, not to mention soft and smooth to run my hands through.

I went a step further and used the blowdryer to give my hair some texture instead of just blowdrying it straight. I did this by wrapping some strands around my round brush and holding the blowdryer to it to add a soft curl at the ends. Now, this is a technique I’ve seen my stylists use at the salon, and I actually am quite against it regardless of how fabulous it made my hair look, considering my old stylist had the entire salon filled with smoke after doing this. But I figured I would take a stab at it myself. Besides, this time I was in control. While, unfortunately, my hair is not long enough to get the full extent of the soft waves, you could still see some texture at the ends which is exactly the subtle look I was going for, and my hair was still noticeably shiny and very soft.

All in all, Cricket’s argan oil and keratin protein infused dryer gets this diva’s thumbs up! To the naked eye it seems like your standard blowdryer with different speeds, heat settings, and a cool shot, but the results are far from ordinary. With the oil and protein baked into the outlet filter, consider this your new daily dryer.

You can purchase Cricket’s Ultra Smooth Professional Dryer here

– Melanie

Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. All photos are property of DIVAlicious. Blowdryer was provided for review.


  1. Jessica Angeles

    Omg YES. Such a foreign hair tool to me, but I’d love to know how exactly they infuse the organ oil/keratin in the blow dryer?! I also wonder how long it lasts.

    Regardless, your hair looks AMAZE and I love that you used the salon trick on your hair for texture!!!

  2. Melanie Ngo

    GIRL, totally invest in a blow dryer, it’ll change your life! 

    The keratin/oil is infused in an outlet filter. I also wonder how long it lasts — will def. keep you updated since I plan on making this my everyday dryer!

  3. 19ge0xsc5qp2r

    I can totally vouch for this! Bought it based on your recommendation and used it today. My hair is ultra smooth, shiny and looks like it was perfectly flat ironed by a stylist. I didn’t even put any product in my hair! It is especially impressive since I live in the desert and every ounce of my body, including my hair, typically suffers from chronic dehydration. AMAZING AND TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!! #cricket #keratinprotein #arganoil #hairdryer #divaliciousblog

  4. Melanie Ngo

    YAY! So glad to hear you had the same results, Danielle!