Even if bliss or adventure awaits, getting ready for vacation can be stressful… What to pack. When to pack. How to pack.
Packing for vacay reminds me of my childhood days prepping for the first day of school… Gearing up the backpack for whatever the new year would bring. A little overwhelmed but excited to break out the new supplies.
With a similar approach, here are some unisexxxy tips to keep in mind for your travels.
Hint: Focus on the essentials.
First and foremost is luggage. Regardless of the journey (duration or destination), this in my opinion is most vital. Luggage that is unnecessarily bulky and/or adds extra lbs is a BIG NO! Lightweight baggage is the way to go. A sporty duffel bag (such as those from North Face) is durable and holds plenty!
Pair the duffel with a practical oversized tote.  For about $100 you can snag this Dartmoor. The stylish bag gives you flexibility for any day trips or overnight stays to not have to lug every single thing you stuffed into your luggage.
It’s also important to consider eye candy, and not the kind you’ll see poolside. Think practical when picking which shades to pack! I always bring two versatile pairs… Black frames are essential and for the second pair, choose a neutral or metallic or bold shade or pattern. Whatever will complement the majority of your outfits.
Toiletries tip! Pack just those you need, not inexpensive ones you can buy. It is WAYYY more of a hassle to worry about things like shampoo, conditioner or other fluids that may open up and ruin your clothes. Trust me – not the way to start a trip! Instead, explore the local pharmacy and introduce yourself to small travel size products of the region. It will enhance your overall experience for sure.
And as for fragrance, I’ll share my secret. Instead of packing heavy and fragile bottles or even stashing samples, I mist the inside of my bag with a few spritzes of my favorite scent. After packing my clothes in the bag, I repeat spritz. Works like a charm!
When traveling, stick to my mantra: Bare the additional fare – be bright, pack light.

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