Diva Does… 90s Vamp

Diva Does… 90s Vamp

Posted this photo on instagram and facebook recently with the following caption:

there are many things i can do without. two things that are essential to me: #experimentation and #honesty. so when i recently felt the urge to channel my inner#90s girl, i went full throttle with my middle-school-into-high-school default #makeup routine. committed to the#lipliner and all. but the minute i saw my boyfriend and brother at dinner (yes i wore this #motd out on the town in #nyc), their strong and polite attempts to mask their confusion-slash-horror fell short. and with some urging, both admitted they hated the look and also “it wasn’t me.” which begs a few #beauty questions: do i only care what others #like or don’t like on me when I secretly agree? does a #signaturelook trump#reinvention? is this just a males-don’t-get-it situation or a truly #epic #fail?? #fotd #vamp #lipstick

True to form, tons of female friends “liked” the look on both social platforms, and I got genuinely complimentary comments and a few encouraging texts as well.

One gay and one straight man “liked” the pic on FB – but when probed, their notes suggested they did like the look but also more they just support me in beauty and career. Another gay man – a close friend and DIVAlicious Contributor – didn’t like the look at all at first but over time “got used to it” and thought it was “sophisticated” and “classy” but (GASP!) a little “aging.” Damn.

Funny thing about honesty, you want it but every so often it stings.

Funny thing about experimentation with makeup, inevitably some will and some won’t dig it.

My takeaway, as always: Do You. It washes off.


Lauren Cosenza - Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

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  1. Mark

    Now that is a cool look.


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