Lovely and Luminous Glosses

Lovely and Luminous Glosses

With recent trend in lip glosses veering towards the glitter and iridescent side, I decided to try some out for myself!  Above, I tried on MAKE’S Luminous Lip Gloss in shade, “Sea” (actual product shown below). MAKE can be found at Barney’s exclusively, and this gloss retails for $25.00 USD.

What I love most about this gloss is that it’s non-sticky, mint-flavored, and gives a pop of color to my lips without being overbearing.  It can be worn alone, or over a lipstick to add an iridescently blue-tinted sheen.

If you aren’t ready for that much color, here are some other options that are just as yummyliterally, they each have a unique fruit flavor!

Above from top to bottom: Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Flavored Lip Glosses in “Razzberry Ice”, “Pucker Up”, and “So Jelly”.  These retail for $10.00 USD each.

“Pucker Up” on lips, with a “Green Apple” scent:

“Razzberry Ice” on lips, with a “Blue Raspberry” scent:

“So Jelly” on lips, with a “Grape” scent:

Swatches, from top to bottom: Beauty Rush Flavored Lip Glosses in “Pucker Up”, “Razzberry Ice”, “So Jelly”, and MAKE Luminous Lip Gloss in shade, “Sea”.

To compare all four, the Beauty Rush Flavored Lip glosses were a bit stickier, more glittery, and more sheer than MAKE’s; I would wear these as a top-coat to a lipstick, because they have more glitter than pigment in them.  Also, Beauty Rush Flavored Lip Glosses in shades, “So Jelly” and “Razzberry Ice” swatched differently, but looked so similar when applied to lips.

Try out these options for the new lip gloss trend for Spring ’15!

xox, Lex

Note: This post is not sponsored. All photos are my own. All thoughts are unbiased and my own.  Samples provided for review. 

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  1. Jessica Angeles

    Omg. This is the coolest thing ever. I so want to try this out for myself!!