DIVA DOES… The Faux Bob

DIVA DOES… The Faux Bob

It’s a red carpet regular and of course we had to see if the faux lob is really as easy as they say. And by they, I mean celebrity hairstylists. Which we are not.

So without further adieu, here’s how to create the fun long-to-short hair transformation with just some bobbi pins and THIS THING

Thank you Charisse, for the incredible and super simple demo!!!

What do you think? Is the faux lob the best thing since sliced bread or what??


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  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Awesome!! Thank you so much for detailing the process. Was so quick and easy. I’m definitely going to recreate it on my own. I already bought the sponge clips!! XOLC

  2. 2mkgtvuivmyb4

    This is such a cute and easy way to do a red carpet style in just 6 steps. Follow along below to get the look!

    1. Open the sponge clip to create a circle and pull the hair through
    2. Close and straighten the clip at the nape of the neck, pulling the hair taut
    3. Glide the clip down until there is approximately 4 inches of hair below to tuck up and under the clip
    4. Roll the clip up until it hits the middle of the neck (or desired length)
    5. Clamp the sides of the clip to lock the hair in place
    6. Using your fingertips, play with the front pieces of hair to frame the face. It’s okay (actually, even better) if it gets a little messy!

    Quick tip: Try this style with dirty hair or after using a texturizing spray.

    – Charisse