DUDES DISH: Shred in Style

DUDES DISH: Shred in Style

That rising thermometer means just one thing: beach season is here.

While we all long for the metabolism of a 16 year old, it may take some extra work to fit into those board shorts this summer.

Time to swap out your morning bagel for a pressed juice and happy hour for some more cardio.

Yes, I’m saying trade the six pack from the bodega for a six pack of your own. 

To many of you this may sound like torture. I get it. But might I suggest you’re looking at it from the wrong angle? My reco: Find yourself a great gym and invest in some cool gear to make working out just as pleasurable as sitting on the beach with a bottle of Zacapa Rum. Well, close.

One of the easiest ways to turn exercise into fun is to make it a game.  The Fitbit Flex does exactly that by monitoring your sleep, calories burned, distance traveled, and steps taken all while looking like a sleek new wrist-piece.

Looking good is half of the battle. Not long ago I was the guy lugging around the tattered backpack to transport my gym gear. You know what we call this? A missed opportunity.  Grab yourself a sharp, modern bag and begin to turn heads not only at the gym, but also coming to and fro.

Does Lebron James rock cleats on the court? No. Does Usain Bolt sport Air Jordan’s on the track? No. If you are going to take this workout thing seriously, start off on the right foot. With the right kicks. Invest in a pair of Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ to take off. 

How long do you think you could run if Eminem was right in front of you rapping Till I Collapse? Forever. Music provides extra motivation, channeling your inner Superman. Create a killer workout playlist and crank it through some bomb ass headphones from Atomic Floyd.

At the end of the day, you know why you’re working out. And pre-Memorial-Day it’s most likely not heart health (although that’s an added bonus). Keep it real at the gym with a t-shirt that says it all.  My guess is it will bring some smiles, and if you’re single possibly some digits.

-Sr. Lettuce

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  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Awesome post!

    I know it’s supposed to be unisex but the Fitbit Flex needs more vibrant colors to hook me. Also, can you change them based on your outfit (the colors) or do you need to wear the same one every single day all-year?  

    Re: the t-shirt, I’d gladly cut a workout short for an adult beverage in the sun. Good to know there is attire that speaks to that.


  2. Señor Lechuga

    Thank you!!

    The Flex is available in two main colors (black and slate), but you are able to purchase a three pack of swappable wristbands which are teal, tangerine and navy.  Making it possible to switch up the color based on your mood or outfit. 

    I can’t get enough of the t-shirt either… Nice to know I am not the only one.

  3. Vanessa Lennon

    Great Post!!!  

    Man or Woman you should always have the latest gear for a good workout.  And I’m working on the 6 pack but………   it may be a while :-)))

  4. Lauren Cosenza

    Actually, I think you do have the 6 pack!! (A very feminine version anyway.)

    PS – love your new profile pic!!!

  5. 01unf2sfvg60u

    haha i love the t-shirt sr lettuce!