TECH BABE: Got Metal? [I tested Redken Metal Fix.]

TECH BABE: Got Metal? [I tested Redken Metal Fix.]
Experimenting with hair will always be something I enjoy doing and most certainly wish I could do more of, however thanks to my #trustissues, I rarely find myself dying my hair or cutting 6 inches off on a whim.
Thanks to a new formula technology, experimentation doesn’t always have to be long-lasting or “permanent”, and temporary products allow us to get a real-life glimpse of what our hair might look like if we bit the bullet and got it professionally done.
Take ColorMe’s Professional Temp Hair Color, which I had the chance of testing – and rocking – for a day.
Now take that a step further, reinvent the temporary hair color wheel, and put Redken Metal Fix 08 Metallic Liquid Pomade in the mix – and BOOM, you have the latest runway hair trend on your own head!
One package of Metal Fix 08 includes a .68 FL OZ (20 ml) tube of gold and another .68 FL OZ (20 ml) of silver liquid pomade – both packed with infinite metallic glitters.
While this is not something I would apply all over my head, it makes the perfect glitter accessory by giving your hair that extra touch it needs to become statement-worthy. That being said, I used a couple dollops of it on a few dozen strands of dry hair, which I then worked through.
The formula itself is a soft gel that makes your hair smell like you just stepped out of a beauty salon (always a win!). Depending on your preference of color intensity, saturate your hair as little or as much as you’d like with layers of the pomade. To test the layering effect, I applied it about 3-4 times on the same few strands in short, quick strokes for an even look.
QUÈ BEYONCÉ!!! Super easy to give your hair that high-fashion, runway-ready effect it deserves within seconds.
Personally, I’d recommend using this for more sleek styles on the crown of the head where the hair is pulled back, whether it be in a ponytail or slicked-back look, or even just sprinkled on the ends paired with tousled hair. 
Either way, it’s the perfect touch of shimmer to give off that badass, rockstar vibe! 
The formula is extremely temporary – I had no issues at all washing it all out. However, I will warn you that the pomade might get a bit sticky on your fingers, so be sure to wash with soap AND water if you want it all completely off your hands.
Yet again, the DIVAlicious team finds a way to bring runway beauty trends into the comfort of your own home. Redken’s Metal Fix 08 does just that, but goes above and beyond to add that unique and innovative element that you just HAVE to start rockin’.
Note: This post is not sponsored. Products were provided for review. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. Photos are my own.