Holiday Nails: A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

Holiday Nails: A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

With the holidays literally right around the corner and the Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas countdown (yes, there is a countdown to the countdown on ABC Family) about to start, it’s time begin planning the most important detail of the holidays…WHAT TO WEAR!

Before you start picking out the perfect outfit — or if you’re stuck and just can’t decide on leather or suede, start by picking the perfect nail color!

I am typically a dark purple, dark blue or black nail girl. I definitely go for the dark shades (even in the summer, whoops). But around the holidays, I like to get a little more festive. 

So, this week I wanted to try out Mineral Fusion’s Glitter & Glitz nail kit!

The kit has three colors (pictured from left to right):

Berried Gem (cranberry with subtle sparkles) 

Royal Rubbie (dark purple with subtle sparkles)

Galaxy (dark blue with large teal sparkles)

I also had their dark-cherry color Garnet (far right) on hand, though that shade is included in a different holiday kit!

PS, these kits containing 3 polishes each are sold at Whole Foods for only $9.99.

The great thing is that all of the Mineral Fusion nail polishes are 100% vegan with chip resistant formula. They’re also cruelty and gluten free. (I’m not sure how gluten affects your nails, but I guess it can’t hurt not to have it! LOL)

Sometimes with vegan nail polishes I find that the colors don’t turn out as vibrantly as they appear in the bottle. I actually found this to be completely untrue with this kit! All of the colors were really strong and Royal Rubbie && Berried Gem both have a beautiful, underlying sparkle. 

For the holidays, I think Galaxy could be a m a z i n g for New Years Eve. One coat is a light layer of navy blue with teal sparkles, but you can build the color really easily. I also used Galaxy as a topcoat over Royal Rubbie and l o v e d the combo.

Royal Rubbie by itself is perfect for Thanksgiving! It’ll go great with all the colors you’ve probably planned on decorating your table with and I’m sure it will blend nicely with whatever outfit you chose!

I actually decided to mix the two colors together on my friend, Lauren!

On one hand, I did Galaxy on four nails and Royal Rubbie on the ring finger. I did the opposite on the other hand! 

It was a fun way to incorporate more than one color && who doesn’t love a little nail art!


Lauren is a swimmer and she did say that after two days of swimming her nails started to chip at the tips. Maybe the chlorine and the vegan formula doesn’t mix well together? Maybe stay away from pools this Thanksgiving!? No problem here…

SO, which colors will you combine! What’re you guys wearing for the holiday?! 

I’d love to hear!

#Happy (almost) #Holidays DIVA’s!!

<3 XO Kelsey 

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Note: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own. All photos are my own. Samples were provided for review.

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  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Ooooh, I am LIVING for Galaxy. What a hot shade!!!!

    NYE > Thanksgiving in my book.