REVIEW: KERASTASE K spray a porter

REVIEW: KERASTASE K spray a porter

While I love to rock out to a little 80’s in my iPhone and my closet, I am not a big fan of going “vintage” with my hair. Whether it’s sticky strands, crunchy curls or greasy tresses – the 80s always seem to bring about the worst in hair looks.  To add more frustration to an already complicated mix, I have wavy hair. Translation: I can go from hot mess to Lion King in 10 second flat if not ironed or curled properly.

When I complained about my tress stress to Lauren, she smiled knowingly and handed over a bottle of Kerastase K Spray-Á-Porter. The product promised to give me that “all day at the beach” look. Honestly, I was more than a little skeptical. (Cue visions of big 80s hair.) Still, I trust LDiva, so I got down to business.

How to use:

  1. Section hair (wet or dry)
  2. Apply product from root to ends
  3. Scrunch hair

BOOM! You’re done!

Now, I am not someone  to give undo credit, so when I tell you this stuff works--and fast–you can bet your flatiron that it does.

The spray has an amazing light, clean smell to it. It’s not sticky at all, and I would say that the hold is truly “medium”. In my opinion I think this product works best when your hair already has a little curl to it, whether it be natural curl or from a curling iron. Not only do you have that sexy beach hair,  but this spray adds a lot of volume! 


– Haley

Note: This post is not sponsored. Sample was provided for review.


  1. Jessica Angeles

    Great review, Haley! I’ve been so into hairsprays lately, specifically those that give beachy/tousled hair looks. Do you think the spray works better when hair is dry or wet? I’m always in a funk when it comes to that.


  2. Haley Libby

    It works really great on both wet and dry hair! On dry hair it gives me a really nice wave. I used it for the first time on wet hair last night and my hair was really curly with very little frizz. Definitely try it!