Leftover Foundation

Dear LDiva,

I never tan, I always burn – but despite this, my skin tone still changes with the seasons. This is really frustrating; I never get the glow, but still need to develop a new beauty routine! :(

I mean, BB creams are okay because they adjust to the skin tone that I have, but they still don’t provide enough coverage. Foundations, on the other hand, tend to be expensive (at least the ones that don’t break me out), and it breaks my heart to let go, especially when I’ve just invested in a new shade.

Any tips for what to do with the leftover foundation from the previous season? 


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  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Hey GaYoung!

    I hear you on wanting to invest in a prestige foundation (I’m currently using — and loving — YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat) but not wanting to waste a single drop (the YSL is $55 a bottle!).

    I handle this by purchasing two shades (your winter skin is your lightest shade and your summer skin is your darkest shade) and custom mixing them so that, for as long as the two bottles last, you get an exact shade match daily. It’s as simple as the ratio of pumps per bottle. If you don’t use much foundation on a daily basis (and I don’t think most women need to or should this can easily last for at least 6 months and since it sounds like you go from light to dark gradually you should run out of the two at the same time. 

    In my pro makeup artist kit, I use MAC Face and Body. It’s a pro artist fave for many reasons, one of which being how easy it is to custom blend shades. Face and Body is a super lightweight fluid (light enough to be used in an airbrush machine) and it is $33 for 4 ounces (most foundation is 1 ounce). If you store the bottles properly, they have a long shelf-life. And if you want to customize your coverage too, you can build by either layering with your hands or a foundation brush for sheer to medium coverage or by rubbing the product between your hands until it creates a gel-like consistency which you then press into skin for full-coverage. As the name suggests, it also works on the body so if you needed to cover any imperfections or minimize tanlines or bronze the legs it’s also your go-to!

    Hope that helps!