InternDIVA: The Mason Pearson

InternDIVA: The Mason Pearson

When it comes to skincare, fragrances, and makeup, I’m high maintenance all around. If I need a new eyeliner, I research for days: I cross-reference blogs, read customer reviews, and stay at Sephora for hours until I find THE ONE. But in the world of haircare, it’s a different story. I shampoo, I condition, and that’s about it. I even defy the rules of hair management and brush my hair with a $6 brush from the drugstore…when it’s wet (gasp!). I never even blow dry. In fact, the most styling I’ll do is get a haircut every few months or so. And forget sprays or dry shampoo. I don’t even bother.

My lack of haircare is definitely due to the nature of my Asian hair. It’s always been too difficult to try and manage, so I simply decided not to care at all. I thought that I could live with it, embracing its erratic mix of fine and thick, dry and oily – along with the occasional cowlicks or flatness, sometimes all at the same time.

Then, I found the Louboutins of hairbrushes. The Mason Pearson, in all its boar-bristle glory. And it made me want to care.

According to professionals in the industry, the Mason Pearson is the best hairbrush on the market. Celebrity hairstylists swear by it. It’s been on virtually every roundup for the “Top Hair Styling Tools You Can’t Live Without.” And is overall kind of a big, big deal. 

The pros of the Mason Pearson are endless. It replenishes the dry sections while gathering the oil from the oily ones. It fixes those stubborn parts that were previously uncontrollable. It gives my flat hair volume, and quickly, WITHOUT any static or tangling…and with minimal fallout.

I think the pictures can speak for themselves – here’s the before, the once-over, and the final brush through. 

The only con with this brush was that it hurt my scalp a bit when I first used it, but that was probably due more to my aggressive brushing habits more than the brush itself.

And the biggest issue — the price point of these bad boys: they range from $55 to $170 based on size and bristle type. How much better is it than your average drugstore brush? Is it really worth it?

I’d say the quality of the Mason Pearson is undeniable, and from a one-time haircare skeptic, I can say that the value is unquestionable as well. Especially because it’s a worthwhile investment – according to long-time users, it lasts decades. Yes, the Mason Pearson WILL change the way you view your hair. No doubt.

– GaYoung 

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  1. Jessica Angeles

    Not gonna lie, I can’t argue with the quality of this brush. When I attempt to achieve a non-messy pony (very rare), I really wish I owned a Mason Pearson to smooth out the bumps without having to redo the pony 3 more times. 

    On another note, I can DEF see the results in these pics. Your hair looks amaze!!! This brush is totes going on my long list of things I need to invest in when I leave the #collegebrokelife. 

  2. Lauren Cosenza

    Every hairstylist on every shoot I’ve maybe ever done has a Mason Pearson so I get it’s a must-have for hair, but I honestly can’t ever tell if I really notice a difference on my own hair when using it. So I asked Matt Fugate and Dom Pucciarello (two top hair stylists I’ve worked with recently) and both said it’s amazing for updos and smoothing the hair while working on it. So maybe I just don’t do enough with my hair. I’m not as big of a DIY styler as I should be.

    Mason Pearson – “it’s not you, it’s me.”