something different for a change

something different for a change

I saw this look in one of the fat March beauty/fashion issues and actually snapped a photo of the page with my iPhone to save it because I liked the eye makeup so much.

In my youth I would walk into a hair salon with pages ripped out of my favorite magazines and tell the stylists I wanted my hair cut just like the models on the pages. The problem was I didn’t quite have the same type of hair as those models but expected a miracle and always left disappointed. While this is far less drastic than a hair cut, trying to do this to my eyes would be a BIG departure for me and I am not so sure it would work given the shape of my eyes and face. Obviously this would not be for every day, just for fun if I was feeling a little daring. How do I know if I have the right eye shape to pull it off without looking ridiculous?


  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Great question!!

    Truth is, anyone can pull off a cat-eye with liner. But in terms of face and eye shape, you are right on the money. It should be customized to best complement the individual features. In most cases, the outer edge of the cat-eye should “flick” up at an angle that would connect the curve of your waterline (the lower lashline) to the tail of your browbone if it continued to the brow. Imagine that curved line when you extend your liner past the eye and use it as your guide.

    If you are still nervous about looking ree-dick, which I promise you won’t, I am happy to demonstrate on you and then you can try it for yourself.


  2. Brenda Della Casa

    Man, I never even thought of hair texture and eye shape.  This was really helpful (and likely saved me from another stressful post-salon experience).