The Morning After

Look, we can pretend we don’t care what we look like post sleepover, but many of us do.  I sure do!  I am heading off for a week with a new boyfriend, and as much as he says he loves the natural look, I’d rather not have him see my loving eyes puffy in the am.  What are some tricks to looking your best when you wake up with a new someone special?  Garnier BB Cream?  Help!


  1. Lauren Cosenza

    Ok, so we all know it’s super important to remove makeup before bed. But… if you are in a new relationship and want to look smokin’ hot as you fall asleep in his arms, and then beautiful and fresh in the AM, there are some things you can do.

    BEDTIME: After you remove your makeup, pat on serum and let it sink in. Then apply your night cream blended with a touch of foundation or concealer and/or illuminator. Avoid products that contain SPF. Lightly coat lashes with petroleum jelly for a little definition that won’t transfer to pillowcases. And  of course drink water before hitting the sack (unless you’re either lazy or exhausted like I am all the time!).

    OVERNIGHT: Sleep with your head propped with a pillow to minimize any swelling. Better yet, sleep cozied up to his neck and shoulder for slight elevation.

    MORNING: When you wake, apply a depuffing eye cream. I love the Pat Wexler gel and also the Garnier rollerball but check out this comprehensive listThen add your day cream mixed with foundation or concealer (now you can mix equal parts). Swipe an illuminating concealer like YSL Touche Eclat below the eyes. Tap a liquid highlighter to the tops of cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose. Coat lashes with a brown lengthening mascara for a natural look (a volumizing black mascara will read as ‘makeup’ and overdone). Finally, pat on tinted lipbalm and pucker up.


  2. Brenda Della Casa

    These were so helpful, thank you so much!  I never thought to put a touch of illuminator into my night cream, and I never use a serum (!)  Question:  You mention to avoid products that contain SPF, just curious as to why?

  3. Lauren Cosenza

    RE: SPF. For daytime, I always advise wearing SPF. 365 days a year. No exceptions. I use La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF50 Mineral Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid. But at night, you want the ingredients in your skincare products to seep into skin and sunscreen acts as a barrier. While this is critical for its daytime function, you really don’t want that at night.