UNISEXXXY: What to Do if It’s a BIG One

UNISEXXXY: What to Do if It’s a BIG One

I find reflecting is a healthy play for one’s individual growth and development. When it comes to: Fashion. Hair. Friendships. Relationships, and so on. But most importantly, personal achievement.

Spring semester, Sophomore year at UDel, I was victim of a drunk driver, near death and comatose.

Years later, today, I proudly stand with Columbia University‘s Spring ’15 graduating class with my masters in construction management.



Called for a little pre-photos and pre-party pampering, wouldn’t you say?
And so, I sprinkled in some grooming rituals:
paul christopher_unisexxxy_divalicious 6
I knew I would exhaust my face with smiles and so I brightened my pearly whites with Crest 3D WhiteStrips.
I went for a mani/pedi. OBVI. The mani is a MUST. The pedi…’cause why not?!
paul christopher_unisexxxy_divalicious 6
I went to Blondi’s. I walked out with: (1) a new hair product – Aveda Confixor Liquid Gel,$19  (2) cleaned up and styled hair and  (3) a lot more confidence in my appearance.
Amazing Grace fragrance
Next Stop -> Sephora. Though I could spend A LOT more time and money there, I narrowed it down to:
To me, it says it all in the name. But speaks to it in the delivery. With a single spritz. Philospohy Amazing Grace, $48 for 2oz.
paul christopher_unisexxxy_divalicious 5
Another product true to its name. Based on my experience. It lifted. Firmed. And brightened. Dr. Jart+ All That Lift & Firm Hydrogel Expansion Stretch Mask, $7.50.
For any big day, it’s important to feel even more special. Remember these three points:
  • Bring attention to the details.
  • If it results in confidence, it’s an excusable purchase! #GuiltFree 
  • Do it like a DIVA. Toast yourself first before the celebrations!

THE UNISEXXX® BRAND: a label stripped of all labels

UNISEXXXY: universal beauty fashion design lifestyle



NOTE: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are unbiased and my own.

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  1. Shannon a/k/a Shay!

    Congrats doll face! Ya did it! We’re all so proud of ya! Party time!!!

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    Congrats Paul!!!!! #DOITLIKEADIVA baby!!!!! XoxoxoX

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