UNISEXXXY: A Spritz of Glitz

UNISEXXXY: A Spritz of Glitz

Why let fashion have all the fun? When it comes to fragrance, it is most definitely chic when individuals sport a spritz from the other sex.  

That’s right! I’ve chosen to share my TOP 3 UNISEXXXY fragrances.

Because sexy knows no boundaries…

Marc Jacobs EDT Spray

Marc Jacobs delivers a modern yet classic scent that evokes confidence and sophistication. Labeled for the men’s department, this scent is layered with brilliance! From the woodsy and spiced ingredients to Indonesian patchouli, moss and a hint of florals, a single spritz will translate to distinct elegance, for a guy or a gal.

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Two words: Notable luxury. Though it designates women, this fragrance is also well-suited for men. From the bottle’s design to the scent’s composition, the parfum is tastefully dressed with a sense of intrigue. Sultry woods, blossoming fruits and a hint of spice are sure to spark some lure. 

Azzarro Chrome United

New to the lineup of my unisexxxy faves is Azzaro’s Chrome United. At its official launch last week, it was positioned as the fragrance of friendship, with the strength of friendship ”united by a feeling of boundless freedom.”  For the scent, Azzaro unifies four distinct ingredients, pulling together Bergamot, Coriander, Ceylong Black Tea and Cedar Wood. The versatility of that bold combination will carry through any day’s journey — however ordinary or extravagant — and ideally accompanied by friends.

As always, I suggest stepping out of the gender box. Experiment. Explore the scent you may be missing! Guess what… it may be the one your partner wears.

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  1. Lauren Cosenza

    it’s interesting because i usually don’t like fragrances marketed as unisex, but i love a man’s cologne on a woman.

    the spicier the better!!


  2. 0bpl02uuy23l8

    hmmm… interesting and smart! I’ll try anything Tom Ford!

  3. Lauren Cosenza

    agreed andres! this column in unisexxxy but tom ford is omnisexy. #anotherlevel